Workbooks and Worksheets

Workbooks and Worksheets

Office 2013 and later

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This topic links to programming tasks (how-to and walkthrough topics) for common workbook and worksheet scenarios.

"How Do I ..." is your gateway to key task-based topics about programming and application development using Excel. The links provide pointers to important, procedure-based help topics.

How to: Add a Table of Contents to a Workbook

Describes how to add a table of contents worksheet to a workbook.

How to: Create Address Labels from a Spreadsheet

Describes how to take a list of addresses arranged as one address per row, and arrange them to fit on printable address labels.

Create a Scheduling Calendar Workbook

Describes how to use information in one workbook to create a scheduling calendar workbook that contains one month per worksheet and can optionally include holidays and weekends.

How to: Create a Workbook

Describes how to create a workbook using Excel.

Create or Replace a Worksheet

Describes how to create or replace a worksheet in an existing workbook.

Name a Worksheet By Using a Cell Value

Describes how to name a worksheet based on a value in a cell.

How to: Refer to More Than One Sheet

Describes how to refer to more than one worksheet in Excel.

How to: Refer to Sheets by Index Number

Describes how to refer to worksheets by index number.

How to: Refer to Sheets by Name

Describes how to refer to worksheets by name.

Sort Worksheets Alphanumerically by Name

Describes how to sort worksheets in a workbook alphanumerically by name.

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