Exchange Server 2013

The RetentionAction element specifies the action performed on items with the retention tag.

Last modified: October 01, 2012

Applies to: Exchange Online | Exchange Server 2013 | Office 365

<RetentionAction> None | MoveToDeletedItems | MoveToFolder | DeleteAndAllowRecovery | PermanentlyDelete | MarkAsPastRetentionLimit | MoveToArchive <RetentionAction>


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The text value of the RetentionAction element is the action performed on items. The following list contains the text values for the RetentionAction element.

None – No action is performed on the item.

MoveToDeletedItems – The item is moved to the default Deleted Items folder.

MoveToFolder – The item is moved to a specified folder.

DeleteAndAllowRecovery – The item is deleted and put into the Dumpster.

PermanentlyDelete – The item is permanently deleted from the mailbox.

MarkAsPastRetentionLimit – The item is marked as having exceeded the retention time limit.

MoveToArchive – The item is moved to the archive mailbox.

This element was introduced in Exchange Server 2013.

The schema that describes this element is located in the IIS virtual directory that hosts Exchange Web Services.


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