Schema: Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (ProjectData service)

Office 2013 and later

Last modified: March 09, 2015

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The Microsoft.Office.Project.Server namespace contains the ReportingData entity container, which defines entity sets and association sets for queries of the ProjectData service.

<Schema Namespace="Microsoft.Office.Project.Server" 

The XML namespace attributes (xmlns) specify the namespaces for services and metadata in the OData specification, and for the Entity Data Model (EDM) of an OData service.



Using element

Specifies the namespace of the EntityContainer element for ReportingData and alias of the namespace, for internal use.

EntityContainer element: ReportingData

Contains definitions of entity sets and association sets, for internal use in queries of the Project Server reporting tables.

OData queries of the reporting tables can be used online or on-premises with Project Server. The OData schema for the ProjectData service uses two namespaces, ReportingData and Microsoft.Office.Project.Server, in the creation of Schema elements. The Microsoft.Office.Project.Server namespace is used by the ProjectData service for internal queries of the Reporting database. The ReportingData namespace is used for external queries of data.