How Do I in Contacts

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The topics in this section demonstrate the following Microsoft Lync 2013 Preview SDK contact and group programming tasks:

  • Search a global address book for a contact.

  • Request and display current contact presence information.

  • Change the privacy relationship between a contact and the local user.

  • Build a collection of contacts as a component of a user interface.

  • Create custom contact groups and manage group membership.

A local user's contact store resides on Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Preview and is provisioned on a client using an asynchronous pattern where a client submits contact information requests to a server and the server responds with specific information.

Important note Important

Lync Server 2013 Preview can accept a request from a client for a subscription to contact presence. After a successful subscription, Lync Server 2013 Preview sends presence information to a subscribing client after a user republishes presence information. After registering for presence-related events, the local client handles these events without taking any action beyond the initial subscription.

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