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Member Options Dialog Box

Office 2013

Last modified: December 06, 2011

Applies to: Office 2013 | VBA


Allows you to add Help information or comments about the procedures, that you define in your project.

Member Name

Displays the name of the item selected in the Classes or the Members of list.


Allows you to specify a string that shows up in the Details pane of the Object Browser.

Help File

Displays the Help file associated with the item listed in the Member Name box. This is set in the Help File Name box in the General tab of the Project Properties dialog box.

Help Context ID

Assigns a unique numeric value for the context ID. This value is used to find the appropriate Help topic in the file listed in the Help File box when the user presses F1 or the but_help_ZA01201583 button while looking at the procedure in the Object Browser.

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