Max, Min Properties

Office 2013 and later

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Specify the maximum and minimum acceptable values for the Value property of a ScrollBar or SpinButton.


object.Max [= Long]

object.Min [= Long]

The Max and Min property syntaxes have these parts:




Required. A valid object.


Optional. A numeric expression specifying the maximum or minimum Value property setting.


Clicking a SpinButton or moving the scroll box in a ScrollBar changes the Value property of the control.

The value for the Max property corresponds to the lowest position of a vertical ScrollBar or the rightmost position of a horizontal ScrollBar. The value for the Min property corresponds to the highest position of a vertical ScrollBar or the leftmost position of a horizontal ScrollBar.

Any integer is an acceptable setting for this property. The recommended range of values is from –32,767 to +32,767. The default value is 1.

Note Note

Min and Max refer to locations, not to relative values, on the ScrollBar. That is, the value of Max could be less than the value of Min. If this is the case, moving toward the Max (bottom) position means decreasing Value; moving toward the Min (top) position means increasing Value.