LookupTable.ReadLookupTablesByUids Method

Gets the lookup tables and the corresponding code masks for a specified list of lookup table GUIDs.

Namespace:  [LookupTable Web service]
Service reference: http://ServerName:32843/[Project Service Application GUID]/PSI/LookupTable.svc
Web service reference: http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/PSI/LookupTable.asmx?wsdl

[SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/project/server/webservices/LookupTable/ReadLookupTablesByUids", RequestNamespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/project/server/webservices/LookupTable/", 
	ResponseNamespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/project/server/webservices/LookupTable/", 
	Use = SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle = SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)]
public LookupTableDataSet ReadLookupTablesByUids(
	Guid[] ltUidList,
	bool autoCheckOut,
	int language


Type: []
Array of lookup table GUIDs.
Type: System.Boolean
If true, check out for making changes.
Type: System.Int32
Locale ID (LCID).

To create a lookup table for test purposes, see Walkthrough: Creating a Hierarchical Lookup Table or see Using the ProjTool Test Application in Project Server 2010.

Caution noteCaution

Create test lookup tables only on a test installation of Project Server.

Project Server Permissions




Allows the user to log on to Project Server. Global permission.

In the following code fragment, the ReadOneLUT method reads a lookup table specified by the lutUid parameter. LookupTableWS is an arbitrary name for a reference to the LookupTable Web service. To test the code, add it to a sample console application. For more information, see Prerequisites for ASMX-Based Code Samples.

using PSLibrary = Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library;
. . .
private const string LOOKUPTABLEWEBSERVICE = "_vti_bin/PSI/LookupTable.asmx";
private string baseUrl = "http://ServerName/ProjectServerName"/
private static LookupTableWS.LookupTable lookupTable =
    new LookupTableWS.LookupTable();

// Initialize the LookupTable Web service for Windows logon.
lookupTable.Url = baseUrl + LOOKUPTABLEWEBSERVICE;
lookupTable.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
. . . 
private void ReadOneLUT (Guid lutUid)
    LookupTableWS.LookupTableDataSetlut =
        new LookupTableWS.LookupTableDataSet ();

    if (lutUid == Guid.Empty)
        lutUid = new Guid("23bdb945-eacc-4390-af70-f8644683c5bb");
    Guid[] lutUids = { lutUid };

    lut = lookupTable.ReadLookupTablesByUids(lutUids, false);
    string xmlFile = @"C:\Project\DataSets\ HealthTrendsLookupTableDataSet.xml";
    SaveDataSetToXml(lut, xmlFile);
// Save the DataSet for examination.
private void SaveDataSetToXml(DataSet ds, string filePathName)