Office and SharePoint Add-ins

Office and SharePoint Add-ins

Use Office and SharePoint Add-ins to extend Office applications with content directly from the web or to extend SharePoint websites. Find the resources you need to build, design, and publish your Office and SharePoint Add-ins.

Last modified: October 06, 2015

Applies to: apps for Office | apps for SharePoint | Office Add-ins | SharePoint Add-ins

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New name for apps for Office and SharePoint: Office and SharePoint Add-ins

We are currently updating our products, documentation, samples, and other resources to reflect the platform name change from "apps for Office and SharePoint" to "Office and SharePoint Add-ins". We made this change to better distinguish the extension platform from Office Add-ins (applications). For your reference, the following table lists the names that are changing and the new names.

Original name

New name

Applies to

apps for Office

Office Add-ins


mail app for Outlook

Outlook Add-in


app for Excel

Excel Add-in


app for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Add-in


app for Word

Word Add-in


apps for SharePoint

SharePoint Add-ins


app part

add-in part


app web

add-in web


In the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio, we will differentiate add-ins by type, as listed in the following table.



Office Web Add-ins

Add-ins based on the web technologies provided by the new Office Add-in model.

VSTO Add-ins

Add-ins based on managed code technologies built with Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO).

COM Add-ins

Add-ins based on COM and VBA technology that extend applications by adding custom commands and specialized features.

Note Note

The name of the app launcher and the My apps page in Office 365 is not changing. The My apps page launches first-party apps and standalone web applications that authenticate using Azure AD.

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