Office 2013 and later

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Specifies whether Microsoft Office Outlook should scan folders in a store, including Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks folders, on startup to populate the Navigation Pane.

Exposed on:

IMsgStore : IMAPIProp object

Created by:

Store provider

Accessed by:

Outlook and other clients

Property type:


Access type:

Read-only or read/write depending on the store provider

To provide any of the store functionality, the store provider must implement IMAPIProp : IUnknown and return a valid property tag for any of these properties passed to an IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames call. When the property tag for any of these properties is passed to IMAPIProp::GetProps, the store provider must also return the correct property value. Store providers can call HrGetOneProp and HrSetOneProp to get or set these properties.

To retrieve the value of this property, the client should first use IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames to obtain the property tag, and then specify this property tag in IMAPIProp::GetProps to get the value. When calling IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames, specify the following values for the MAPINAMEID structure pointed at by the input parameter lppPropNames:







This property provides a way for store providers to specify whether Outlook should scan various folders in a store. It is used on startup when Outlook scans existing folders on each opened store to populate the Navigation pane; Outlook checks for the presence and value of this property on a store before initiating the scan.

By default, this property is not exposed on a store, which means Outlook can scan folders on the store. If the property is exposed, the following are the possible values:

enum { 
 CSM_DEFAULT              = 0, 
 CSM_DO_NOT_CRAWL         = 1 << 0x0, 


  • Outlook can scan folders on the store.


  • Outlook should not scan folders on the store.


  • Do not allow clients to change this property on the store. Note that the constant CSM_CLIENT_DO_NOT_CHANGE is for future reference and is not currently implemented. For now, a store can prevent clients from changing this flag by hardcoding the value that the store returns for this property.