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Office 2013 and later

Specifies information for a time zone rule about when daylight saving time starts, and the year in which that time zone rule first takes effect.

typedef struct { 
    WORD        wFlags;  
    SYSTEMTIME  stStart; 
    TZREG       TZReg; 


The flags set for this member identify specific details for this time zone rule. The possible flags are as follows:

  • TZRULE_FLAG_EFFECTIVE_TZREG—Identifies the rule as the one that should be used currently. Only one rule can be marked as the effective rule. All other rules are for comparison purposes only.

  • TZRULE_FLAG_RECUR_CURRENT_TZREG—On recurring meetings, identifies the rule as matching the rule in PidLidTimeZoneStruct. This can be used to detect whether PidLidTimeZoneStruct has been modified significantly by a legacy client, which would be otherwise unaware of the new, more complete property.


The time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that the time zone rule started.


The time zone information for the time zone rule.

This structure augments TZREG by providing additional information indicating when time zone rules take effect.

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