Document.Undo Method (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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Undoes the last action or a specified number of actions. Corresponds to the list of items that appears when you click the arrow beside the Undo button on the Standard toolbar.

expression .Undo(Count)

expression A variable that represents a Document object.




Data Type





Specifies the number of actions to be undone. Default is 1, meaning that if omitted, only the last action will be undone.

If called when there are no actions on the undo stack, or when Count is greater than the number of actions that currently reside on the stack, the Undo method will undo as many actions as possible and ignore the rest.

The maximum number of actions that can be undone in one call to Undo is 20.

The following example uses the Undo method to undo actions that do not meet specific criteria.

Part 1 of the example adds a rectangular callout shape to the fourth page of the active publication, and text is added to the callout. This process creates three actions.

Part 2 of the example tests whether the font of the text added to the callout is Verdana. If not, then the Undo method is used to undo all available actions (the value of the UndoActionsAvailable property is used to specify that all actions be undone). This clears all actions from the stack. A new rectangle shape and text frame are then added and the text frame is populated with Verdana text.

Dim thePage As page 
Dim theShape As Shape 
Dim theDoc As Publisher.Document 
Set theDoc = ActiveDocument 
Set thePage = theDoc.Pages(4) 
With theDoc 
 ' Part 1 
 With thePage 
 ' Setting the shape creates the first action 
 Set theShape = .Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangularCallout, _ 
 75, 75, 120, 30) 
 ' Setting the text range creates the second action 
 With theShape.TextFrame.TextRange 
 ' Setting the text creates the third action 
 .Text = "This text is not Verdana." 
 End With 
 End With 
 ' Part 2 
 If Not thePage.Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Name = "Verdana" Then 
 ' UndoActionsAvailable = 3 
 .Undo (.UndoActionsAvailable) 
 With thePage 
 Set theShape = .Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, _ 
 75, 75, 120, 30) 
 With theShape.TextFrame.TextRange 
 .Font.Name = "Verdana" 
 .Text = "This text is Verdana." 
 End With 
 End With 
 End If 
End With