TextStyles Object (Publisher)

A collection of TextStyle objects that represent both the built-in and user-defined styles in a document.

Use the TextStyles property to return the TextStyles collection. The following example creates a table and lists all the styles in the active publication.

Sub ListTextStyles() 
 Dim sty As TextStyle 
 Dim tbl As Table 
 Dim intRow As Integer 
 With ActiveDocument 
 Set tbl = .Pages(1).Shapes.AddTable(NumRows:=.TextStyles.Count, _ 
 NumColumns:=2, Left:=72, Top:=72, Width:=488, Height:=12).Table 
 For Each sty In .TextStyles 
 intRow = intRow + 1 
 With tbl.Rows(intRow) 
 .Cells(1).text = sty.Name 
 .Cells(2).text = sty.BaseStyle 
 End With 
 Next sty 
 End With 
End Sub

Use the Add method to create a new user-defined style and add it to the TextStyles collection. The following example creates a new style and applies it to the paragraph at the cursor position.

Sub ApplyTextStyle() 
 Dim styNew As TextStyle 
 Dim fntStyle As Font 
 'Create a new style 
 Set styNew = ActiveDocument.TextStyles.Add(StyleName:="NewStyle") 
 Set fntStyle = styNew.Font 
 'Format the Font object 
 With fntStyle 
 .Name = "Tahoma" 
 .Size = 20 
 .Bold = msoTrue 
 End With 
 'Apply the Font object formatting to the new style 
 styNew.Font = fntStyle 
 'Apply the new style to the selected paragraph 
 Selection.TextRange.ParagraphFormat.TextStyle = "NewStyle" 
End Sub
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