PageSize Object (Publisher)

Represents the page size of the current Microsoft Publisher publication.

Version Added: Publisher 2007

The page size represented by the PageSize object corresponds to one of the icons displayed under Blank Page Sizes in the Page Setup dialog box in the Publisher user interface.

The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the Name property of the PageSize object to get a list of the names of all the page sizes available in the current document and print the list in the Immediate window.

Public Sub PageSizes_Example() 
 Dim pubPageSizes As Publisher.PageSizes 
 Dim pubPageSize As Publisher.PageSize 
 Set pubPageSizes = ThisDocument.PageSetup.AvailablePageSizes 
 For Each pubPageSize In pubPageSizes 
 Debug.Print pubPageSize.Name 
End Sub
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