AdvancedPrintOptions Object (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents the advanced print settings for a publication.

The properties of the AdvancedPrintOptions object correspond to the options available on the tabs of the Advanced Print Settings dialog box.

Use the AdvancedPrintOptions property of the Document object to return an AdvancedPrintOptions object. The following example tests to determine if the active publication has been set to print as separations. If it has, it is set to print only plates for the inks actually used in the publication, and to not print plates for any pages where a color is not used.

Sub PrintOnlyInksUsed 
 With ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions 
 If .PrintMode = pbPrintModeSeparations Then 
 .InksToPrint = pbInksToPrintUsed 
 .PrintBlankPlates = False 
 End If 
 End With 
End Sub