CalloutFormat Object (Publisher)

Contains properties and methods that apply to line callouts.

Use the Callout property to return a CalloutFormat object. The following example adds a callout to the active publication, adds text to the callout, then specifies the following attributes for the callout:

  • a vertical accent bar that separates the text from the callout line (Accent property)

  • the angle between the callout line and the side of the callout text box will be 30 degrees (Angle property)

  • there will be no border around the callout text (Border property)

  • the callout line will be attached to the top of the callout text box (PresetDrop method)

  • the callout line will contain three segments (Type property)

Sub AddFormatCallout() 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes.AddCallout(Type:=msoCalloutOne, _ 
 Left:=150, Top:=150, Width:=200, Height:=100) 
 With .TextFrame.TextRange 
 .Text = "This is a callout." 
 With .Font 
 .Name = "Stencil" 
 .Bold = msoTrue 
 .Size = 30 
 End With 
 End With 
 With .Callout 
 .Accent = MsoTrue 
 .Angle = msoCalloutAngle30 
 .Border = MsoFalse 
 .PresetDrop msoCalloutDropTop 
 .Type = msoCalloutThree 
 End With 
 End With 
End Sub
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