WizardValue Object (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents a possible value for the specified wizard property.

Use the Item property of the WizardValues collection to return a WizardValue object. The following example displays the current value for the first wizard property in the active publication and then lists all the other possible values.

Dim valAll As WizardValues 
Dim valLoop As WizardValue 
With ActiveDocument.Wizard 
 Set valAll = .Properties(1).Values 
 MsgBox "Wizard: " & .Name & vbLf & _ 
 "Property: " & .Properties(1).Name & vbLf & _ 
 "Current value: " & .Properties(1).CurrentValueId 
 For Each valLoop In valAll 
 MsgBox "Possible value: " & valLoop.ID & " (" & valLoop.Name & ")" 
 Next valLoop 
End With
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