AddressEntry.GetExchangeUser Method (Outlook)

Returns an ExchangeUser object that represents the AddressEntry if the AddressEntry belongs to an Exchange AddressList object such as the Global Address List (GAL) and corresponds to an Exchange user.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

expression .GetExchangeUser

expression A variable that represents an AddressEntry object.

Return Value

An ExchangeUser object that represents the AddressEntry. Returns Null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the AddressEntry object does not correspond to an Exchange user.

You have to be connected to the Exchange server to use this method.

The following code sample shows how to obtain the business phone number, office location, and job title for all Exchange user entries in the Exchange Global Address List. It first uses AddressList.AddressListType to find the Global Address List. For each AddressEntry on that AddressList, it uses AddressEntryUserType to verify if the AddressEntry represents an Exchange user. After it finds an Exchange user, it uses GetExchangeUser to obtain and print the various pieces of data for the user.

Sub DemoAE() 
 Dim colAL As Outlook.AddressLists 
 Dim oAL As Outlook.AddressList 
 Dim colAE As Outlook.AddressEntries 
 Dim oAE As Outlook.AddressEntry 
 Dim oExUser As Outlook.ExchangeUser 
 Set colAL = Application.Session.AddressLists 
 For Each oAL In colAL 
 'Address list is an Exchange Global Address List 
 If oAL.AddressListType = olExchangeGlobalAddressList Then 
 Set colAE = oAL.AddressEntries 
 For Each oAE In colAE 
 If oAE.AddressEntryUserType = _ 
 olExchangeUserAddressEntry _ 
 Or oAE.AddressEntryUserType = _ 
 olExchangeRemoteUserAddressEntry Then 
 Set oExUser = oAE.GetExchangeUser 
 Debug.Print (oExUser.JobTitle) 
 Debug.Print (oExUser.OfficeLocation) 
 Debug.Print (oExUser.BusinessTelephoneNumber) 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub 

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