PropertyPageSite.OnStatusChange Method (Outlook)

Office 2013 and later

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Notifies Microsoft Outlook that a custom property page has changed.

expression .OnStatusChange

expression A variable that represents a PropertyPageSite object.

This Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example shows how to call the OnStatusChange method to notify Outlook that the user has changed a value on a custom property page.

Private Sub Option1_Click() 
 Dim myPPSite As Outlook.PropertyPageSite 
 Set myPPSite = Parent 
 If Not TypeName(myPPSite) = "Nothing" Then 
 globNewUserType = globAdministrator 
 If globUserType <> globNewUserType Then 
 globDirty = True 
 End If 
 If TypeName(myPPSite) = "Nothing" Then 
 MsgBox "The Property Page returned an empty result." 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub 

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