FormRegionStartup.BeforeFormRegionShow Method (Outlook)

Allows an add-in to update the user interface of a form region before it is displayed.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

expression .BeforeFormRegionShow(FormRegion)

expression A variable that represents a FormRegionStartup object.




Data Type





The FormRegion object representing the form region that is to be displayed.

This method lets Outlook pass the FormRegion object to the add-in, and allows an add-in to update the user interface of the form region before it is displayed so that, for instance, the text of labels can be changed or irrelevant content can be suppressed. It is called after the controls are instantiated and the layout is calculated, but before the form region is made visible.

When implementing this method, keep in mind that the item obtained from the FormRegion parameter (that is, the Item property of the FormRegion object) is read-only.

For examples of add-ins in C# and Visual Basic .NET that implement FormRegionStartup, see code sample downloads on MSDN.

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