This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Conversation.StopAlwaysDelete Method (Outlook)

Stops the action of always moving conversation items in the specified store to the Deleted Items folder in that store.

Version Added: Outlook 2010

expression .StopAlwaysDelete(Store)

expression A variable that represents a Conversation object.




Data Type





Specifies the store to which the stop-always-delete action applies.

If the always-delete action has not been turned on, StopAlwaysDelete does not carry out any action.

If the always-delete action has been turned on (by calling the SetAlwaysDelete method, StopAlwaysDelete moves existing conversation items in the Deleted Items folder to the Inbox.

After calling the StopAlwaysDelete method for a conversation in a store, calling the GetAlwaysDelete method on that conversation and store returns the constant olDoNotDelete.

If the store specified by the Store parameter represents a non-delivery store such as an archive .pst store, the stop-always-delete action is applied to conversation items in the default delivery store.

Calling this method on a conversation that is already in the Deleted Items folder in the specified store returns an error.

The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example shows how to stop the always-delete action for the conversation of a specific mail item. The code example, DemoStopAlwaysDelete, chooses the first mail item displayed in the Reading Pane as the specific mail item. DemoStopAlwaysDelete verifies that conversations are enabled on the store for the mail item, obtains the conversation that involves that mail item if a conversation exists, and uses SetAlwaysDelete to stop the always-delete action for that conversation on that store.

Sub DemoStopAlwaysDelete() 
 Dim oMail As Outlook.MailItem 
 Dim oConv As Outlook.Conversation 
 Dim oStore As Outlook.Store 
 ' Get the item displayed in the Reading Pane. 
 Set oMail = ActiveExplorer.Selection(1) 
 Set oStore = oMail.Parent.Store 
 If oStore.IsConversationEnabled Then 
 Set oConv = oMail.GetConversation 
 If Not (oConv Is Nothing) Then 
 oConv.StopAlwaysDelete oStore 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub