Updating and Deleting Solution Storage


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This topic describes updating and deleting solution storage.

You can store private solution data as an attachment or as the value of a property of a StorageItem object in most folders. Since it is possible for multiple solutions to share the same solution storage, after updating an attachment or property, a solution should call StorageItem.Save to update the item in the folder. In cases where there is more than one solution accessing the same object, the object would always show the updates through the most recent StorageItem.Save.

Attempting to save to a StorageItem object that has been deleted will result in the error, "Unable to perform the operation."

Solutions can remove a StorageItem object by calling StorageItem.Delete. This call permanently removes the object from the folder; it does not move it to the Deleted Items folder. This allows a solution to clean up or reset the storage for its private data.

Attempting to delete a StorageItem that has been removed by a prior StorageItem.Delete call will result in the error, "Could not complete the deletion."

Note Note

Solution storage can only be removed through the Delete method of the corresponding StorageItem object. If the creator solution has been uninstalled and there is no other solution that can access the object to delete it, the object will remain as a hidden item in the folder for as long as the folder exists.

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