SolutionsModule.AddSolution Method (Outlook)

Office 2013 and later

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Adds a solution root folder and its subfolders to the Solutions module.

expression .AddSolution(Solution, Scope)

expression A variable that represents a SolutionsModule object.




Data Type





Specifies the solution root folder to add to the Solutions module.




Specifies whether to display the folders that are in the solution only in the Solutions module and the Folder List, or to display them in their respective default modules in the Navigation Pane as well.

If the AddSolution method succeeds and no solution root folder previously existed under the Solutions module, Microsoft Outlook displays the Solutions module in the NavigationPane.

You cannot add the following folders to the Solutions module as a solution root folder:

  • A folder that Outlook displays on the Navigation Pane, as defined by the OlDefaultFolders enumeration.

  • A special folder, as defined by the OlSpecialFolders enumeration.

  • Any folder on a Microsoft Exchange Server public folder store. The ExchangeStoreType property on the Store object for this folder is olExchangePublicFolder.

  • A hidden folder. A hidden folder is one whose MAPI property, PR_ATTR_HIDDEN, is True or one that is not in the IPM Subtree.

This method also returns an error if the folder that you specify already exists as a root folder or a subfolder in the Solutions module, or if the folder is a parent folder of a folder in the Solutions module.

If the Scope parameter is set to olShowInDefaultModules of the OlSolutionScope enumeration, the solution root and its subfolders are displayed in their respective default modules as well as the Solutions module. If the Scope parameter is set to olHideInDefaultModules, the solution root and its subfolders are displayed in the Solutions module.

Solution folders are always displayed in the Folder List module.

By default, Outlook displays the Solutions module after the Tasks module, provided that the navigation modules are in the default order ? Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. If the Navigation Pane is expanded, the Solutions module is also initially displayed as an expanded module. If the Tasks module is not displayed, the Solutions module is displayed after the last expanded module in the Navigation Pane.