OptionButton Object (Outlook Forms Script)

Shows the selection status of one item in a group of choices.

Use an OptionButton to show whether a single item in a group is selected. Note that each OptionButton in a Frame is mutually exclusive.

If an OptionButton is bound to a data source, the OptionButton can show the value of that data source as either Yes/No, True/False, or On/Off. If the user selects the OptionButton, the current setting is Yes, True, or On. If the user does not select the OptionButton, the setting is No, False, or Off. For example, an OptionButton in an inventory-tracking application might show whether an item is discontinued. If the OptionButton is bound to a data source, then changing the setting changes the value of that data source. A disabled OptionButton is dimmed and does not show a value.

Depending on the value of the TripleState property, an OptionButton can also have a Null value.

You can also use an OptionButton inside a group box to select one or more of a group of related items. For example, you can create an order form with a list of available items, with an OptionButton preceding each item. The user can select a particular item by checking the corresponding OptionButtonOptionButton.

The default property for an OptionButton is the Value property.

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