Tasks Object (Project)

Office 2013 and later

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Contains a collection of Task objects.

Using the Task Object

Use Tasks ( Index ), where Index is the task index number or task name, to return a single Task object. The following example prints the names of every resource assigned to every task in the active project.

Dim Temp As Long, A As Assignment 

Dim TaskName As String, Assigned As String, Results As String 


For Temp = 1 To ActiveProject.Tasks.Count 

 TaskName = "Task: " & ActiveProject.Tasks(Temp).Name & vbCrLf 

 For Each A In ActiveProject.Tasks(Temp).Assignments 

 Assigned = A.ResourceName & ListSeparator & " " & Assigned 

 Next A 

 Results = Results & TaskName & "Resources: " & _ 

 Left$(Assigned, Len(Assigned) - Len(ListSeparator & " ")) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf 

 TaskName = "" 

 Assigned = "" 

Next Temp 


MsgBox Results

Use the Tasks property to return a Tasks collection. The following example displays the name of every task in the selection.

Dim T As Task, Names As String 


For Each T In ActiveSelection.Tasks 

 Names = Names & T.Name & vbCrLf 

Next T 


MsgBox Names

Use the Add method to add a Task object to the Tasks collection. The following example adds a new task to the end of the task list.

ActiveProject.Tasks.Add "Hang clocks"