Window Object (Project)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents a window in the application or project. The Window object is a member of the Windows collection.

Note Note

The Windows collection is maintained for backward compatibility. We recommended that you use the Windows2 collection for all new development.

The Application.Windows collection contains all the windows in the application, whereas the Project.Windows collection contains only the windows in the specified project.

Using the Window object

Use Windows(Index), where Index is the window index number or window caption, to return a single Window object. The following example maximizes the first window in the window list.

Application.Windows(1).WindowState = pjMaximized

The window caption is the text shown in the title bar at the top of the window when the window is not maximized. The caption is also shown in the list of open files on the bottom of the Windows menu. Use the Caption property to set or return the window caption. Changing the window caption does not change the name of the project. The following example hides the window that contains the caption "Project1".

If Application.Windows(1).Caption = "Project1" Then
    Application.Windows(1).Visible = False
End If

Using the Windows collection

Use the Windows property to return a Windows collection. The following example cascades all the windows that are currently displayed in Project.

With Application.Windows
    For I = 1 To .Count
        .Item(I).Top = (I - 1) * 15
        .Item(I).Left = (I - 1) * 15
    Next I
End With

Use the WindowNewWindow method to create a new window and add it to the collection. The following example creates a new window for the active project.