OverAllocatedAssignments Collection Object (Project)

Represents a collection of Assignment objects where the resource is overallocated.

Version Added: Project 2010

Use the Item property to get a single Assignment object from the OverAllocatedAssignments collection.

The following example finds assignments where the resource is overallocated. When the overPeak argument is False, the overallocation is not greater than the maximum resource time available (100%). If you set overPeak to True, the example finds overallocated assignments that exceed maximum resource time available, such as 150%.

Sub FindOverallocatedAssignments() 

 Dim t As Task 

 Dim a As Assignment 

 Dim overAlloc As OverAllocatedAssignments 

 Dim numOver As Long 

 Dim overPeak As Boolean 


 overPeak = False 


 For Each t In ActiveProject.Tasks 

 If t.Overallocated Then 

 Set overAlloc = t.StartDriver.OverAllocatedAssignments(overPeak) 

 numOver = overAlloc.Count 

 totalNumOver = overAlloc.TotalDetectedCount 


 For Each a In overAlloc 

 Debug.Print "Resource: " & a.Resource.Name & " is overallocated on task: " & t.Name 

 Debug.Print vbTab & "Number of overallocated assignments: " & numOver 

 Next a 


 End If 

 Next t 

End Sub