SharingItem Object
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SharingItem Object (Outlook)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents a sharing message in an Inbox folder.

Use the CreateSharingItem method of the NameSpace object to create a SharingItem object that represents a new sharing request or sharing invitation.

Use Item (index), where index is the index number of a sharing message or a value used to match the default property of a message, to return a single SharingItem object from an Inbox folder.

The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example creates and displays a new sharing invitation for the Tasks folder.

Public Sub CreateTasksSharingItem() 
 Dim oNamespace As NameSpace 
 Dim oFolder As Folder 
 Dim oSharingItem As SharingItem 
 On Error GoTo ErrRoutine 
 Set oNamespace = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI") 
 Set oFolder = oNamespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderTasks) 
 Set oSharingItem = oNamespace.CreateSharingItem(oFolder) 
 On Error GoTo 0 
 Set oSharingItem = Nothing 
 Set oFolder = Nothing 
 Set oNamespace = Nothing 
Exit Sub 
 MsgBox Err.Description, _ 
 vbOKOnly, _ 
 Err.Number & " - " & Err.Source 
 GoTo EndRoutine 
End Sub 

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