GroupCriterion Object (Project)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents a criterion in a group definition. The GroupCriterion object is a member of the GroupCriteria collection.

To use groups where the group hierarchy can be maintained and cell color can be a hexadecimal value, see the GroupCriterion2 object.

Using the GroupCriterion Object

Use GroupCriteria(Index) , where Index is the criterion index, to return a single GroupCriterion object. The following example sets the cell color for the first criterion in the Standard Rate resource group to blue.

ActiveProject.ResourceGroups("Standard Rate").GroupCriteria(1).CellColor = pjBlue

Using the GroupCriteria Collection

Use the GroupCriteria property to return a GroupCriteria collection. The following example displays a list of the fields used as criteria in the specified task group and shows whether they are sorted in ascending or descending order.

Dim GC As GroupCriterion 
Dim Fields As String 
For Each GC In ActiveProject.TaskGroups("Priority Keeping Outline Structure").GroupCriteria 
 If GC.Ascending = True Then 
 Fields = Fields & GC.Index & ". " & GC.FieldName & " is sorted in ascending order." & vbCrLf 
 Fields = Fields & GC.Index & ". " & GC.FieldName & " is sorted in descending order." & vbCrLf 
 End If 
Next GC 
MsgBox Fields

Use the Add method to add a GroupCriterion object to the GroupCriteria collection. The following example adds another criterion to the specified resource group, grouping resources in ascending order as determined by the percentage of their work (in 25-percent increments) that is complete.

ActiveProject.ResourceGroups("Response Pending").GroupCriteria.Add "% Work Complete", True, CellColor:=pjRed, GroupOn:=pjGroupOnPct1_25
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