RecurrencePattern.StartTime Property (Outlook)

Office 2013 and later

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Returns or sets a Date indicating the start time for a recurrence pattern. Read/write.

expression .StartTime

expression A variable that represents a RecurrencePattern object.

This property is only valid for appointments.

When you create a RecurrencePattern object and no time zones have been specified for the appointment, StartTime and EndTime of the RecurrencePattern object are based on the time zone specified by Application.TimeZones.CurrentTimeZone.

If you want to create a recurring appointment for a particular time zone, you should first create an AppointmentItem, set AppointmentItem.StartTimeZone, and then call AppointmentItem.GetRecurrencePattern. The RecurrencePattern object returned will have both StartTime and EndTime based on the time zone specified by AppointmentItem.StartTimeZone. Note that in the Appointment Recurrence dialog box, the time indicated as Start is RecurrencePattern.StartTime which is based on AppointmentItem.StartTimeZone, but the time indicated as End is not always the same as RecurrencePattern.EndTime which is based on AppointmentItem.StartTimeZone; the displayed time value is based on AppointmentItem.EndTimeZone.