CalendarView.DisplayedDates Property (Outlook)

Returns a Variant array containing strings that represent the days displayed in a CalendarView object. Read-only.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

expression .DisplayedDates

expression A variable that represents a CalendarView object.

This property returns an array of date strings, in which each date string represents a day displayed in the CalendarView object. The date strings are formatted using the short date format settings for the operating system.

The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example obtains the value of the DisplayedDates property from the current CalendarView object, then displays a dialog box with a summary of that property value.

Sub DisplayDayRange() 
 Dim objView As CalendarView 
 Dim varArray As Variant 
 ' Check if the current view is a calendar view. 
 If Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentView.ViewType = _ 
 olCalendarView Then 
 ' Obtain a CalendarView object reference for the 
 ' current calendar view. 
 Set objView = _ 
 ' Obtain the DisplayedDates value, a string 
 ' array of dates representing the dates displayed 
 ' in the calendar view. 
 varArray = objView.DisplayedDates 
 ' If the example obtained a valid array, display 
 ' a dialog box with a summary of its contents. 
 If IsArray(varArray) Then 
 MsgBox "There are " & _ 
 (UBound(varArray) - LBound(varArray)) + 1 & _ 
 " days displayed, from " & _ 
 varArray(LBound(varArray)) & _ 
 " to " & _ 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub 

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