DocumentLibraryVersion Object
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DocumentLibraryVersion Object (Office)

Office 2013 and later

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The DocumentLibraryVersion object represents a single saved version of a shared document which has versioning enabled and which is stored in a document library on the server. Each DocumentLibraryVersion object is a member of the active document's DocumentLibraryVersions collection.

Each DocumentLibraryVersion object represents one saved version of the active document. When versioning is enabled, a new version is created on the server when the actions listed below occur; additional versions are not created each time the user saves changes to the open document.

  • Check In

  • Save - A new version is created on the server when the user first saves the document after opening it. Additional changes saved while the document is open apply to the same version.

  • Restore

  • Upload

Use the Modified, ModifiedBy, and Comments properties to return information about a saved version of a shared document.

Use the Open method to open a previous version, or the Restore method to restore a previous version in place of the current version. Use the Delete method to delete a version.

The following example displays the properties of each saved version of the active document.

 Dim dlvVersions As Office.DocumentLibraryVersions 
 Dim dlvVersion As Office.DocumentLibraryVersion 
 Dim strVersionInfo As String 
 Set dlvVersions = ActiveDocument.DocumentLibraryVersions 
 If dlvVersions.IsVersioningEnabled Then 
 strVersionInfo = "This document has " & _ 
 dlvVersions.Count & " versions: " & vbCrLf 
 For Each dlvVersion In dlvVersions 
 strVersionInfo = strVersionInfo & _ 
 " - Version #: " & dlvVersion.Index & vbCrLf & _ 
 " - Modified by: " & dlvVersion.ModifiedBy & vbCrLf & _ 
 " - Modified on: " & dlvVersion.Modified & vbCrLf & _ 
 " - Comments: " & dlvVersion.Comments & vbCrLf 
 strVersionInfo = "Versioning not enabled for this document." 
 End If 
 MsgBox strVersionInfo, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Version Information" 
 Set dlvVersion = Nothing 
 Set dlvVersions = Nothing 

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