Projects Object (Project)

Contains a collection of Project objects.

Using the Project Object

Use Projects(Index), where Index is the project index number or project name, to return a single Project object. The following example switches among all the open projects, memorizes the full name of each, and then displays the results.

Dim Temp As Long, Names As String 


For Temp = 1 To Projects.Count 


 Names = Names & Projects(Temp).FullName & vbCrLf 

Next Temp 


MsgBox Names

Using the Projects Collection

Use the Projects property to return a Projects collection. The following example counts the number of open projects.


Because the Projects collection is a top-level object, the following example is functionally identical to the preceding one.


Use the Add method to add a Project object to the Projects collection. The following example creates a new project without prompting for project information.

Projects.Add False
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