DocumentInspectors Object (Office)

Represents a collection of DocumentInspector objects.

The DocumentInspectors collection is part of the Document object in Microsoft Word, the Workbook object in Microsoft Excel, and the Presentation object in MicrosoftPowerPoint. A DocumentInspectors collection contains multiple DocumentInspector objects, one for some built-in options and each installed custom Document Inspector module. For more information, see the DocumentInspector help topic.

The following example calls the Fix method of a Document Inspector module and displays the status of the action and the specific items that are removed.

Public Sub FixDocument() 
Dim docStatus As MsoDocInspectorStatus 
Dim results As String 
 ActiveDocument.DocumentInspectors(3).Fix docStatus, results 
 MsgBox docStatus 
 MsgBox("The following items were removed " & results) 
End Sub 

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