Application.Reminders Property (Outlook)

Returns a Reminders collection that represents all current reminders. Read-only.

expression .Reminders

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

The following example returns the Reminders collection and displays the captions of all reminders in the collection. If no current reminders are available, a message is displayed to the user.

Sub ViewReminderInfo() 
 'Lists reminder caption information 
 Dim objRem As Outlook.Reminder 
 Dim objRems As Outlook.Reminders 
 Dim strTitle As String 
 Dim strReport As String 
 Set objRems = Application.Reminders 
 strTitle = "Current Reminders:" 
 strReport = "" 
 'If there are reminders, display message 
 If Application.Reminders.Count <> 0 Then 
 For Each objRem In objRems 
 'Add information to string 
 strReport = strReport & objRem.Caption & vbCr 
 Next objRem 
 'Display report in dialog 
 MsgBox strTitle & vbCr & vbCr & strReport 
 MsgBox "There are no reminders in the collection." 
 End If 
End Sub
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