Filter the Body of a Mail Item

Office 2013 and later

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The code sample in this topic shows how to use content indexing in a DASL query to search for mail items that contain a specific word in the body.

The code sample sets up a DASL filter on the property urn:schemas:httpmail:textdescription (the Body property referenced by its DAV namespace) and uses the content indexer keyword ci_phrasematch to search for the word "office" in the body. It then applies the filter to items in the current folder. To access the filter results, it uses the Table object and prints the subject line of each item.

Notice that this sample prints the subject of each row in the returned Table; the Subject property is included in a Table returned by a search on any folder. But generally, a folder in Outlook can contain heterogenous items and is not confined to a single item type. If you want to access a property that is specific to an item type, use Columns.Add to include that property and update the Table, and for each row returned in the Table, check the message type of the item before accessing the property.

Note Note

Content indexing in a DASL query provides better performance than the like keyword. However, you can filter only on the text of the item body; if the body contains HTML tags, as in an HTML-formatted mail item, the tags will not be filtered. The match is not case-sensitive, so for example, any item containing "Office" or "office" in the body will be returned by Folder.GetTable. You can also return up to the first 255 characters of the body in a column of a Table, by adding the column (denoted by urn:schemas:httpmail:textdescription) to the Table. You cannot use a Jet query to filter on the Body property.

Sub RestrictUsingBody() 
 Dim strFilter As String 
 Dim oT As Table 
 Dim oRow as Row 
 'Create DASL query for Body using content indexing phrase match for 'office' 
 strFilter = "@SQL=" & Chr(34) & "urn:schemas:httpmail:textdescription" _ 
 & Chr(34) & " ci_phrasematch 'office'" 
 'Obtain Table by applying the filter on the current folder 
 Set oT = Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder.GetTable(strFilter) 
 'Print subject line of each mail item in current folder that contains 'office' in the body 
 Do Until oT.EndOfTable 
 Set oRow = oT.GetNextRow 
 Debug.Print oRow("Subject") 
End Sub