NavigationFolder.IsSideBySide Property (Outlook)

Office 2013 and later

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Returns or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether the NavigationFolder object is displayed in side-by-side or overlay mode. Read/write.

expression .IsSideBySide

expression A variable that represents a NavigationFolder object.

Setting this property to True displays the NavigationFolder in side-by-side mode; otherwise, overlay mode is used to display the navigation folder in the current view of the active explorer. The default value for this property is True.

Setting this property has no effect for a NavigationFolder object that is not associated with a Calendar module. If the NavigationFolder object is associated with a Calendar module, the value of this property is dependent on the following conditions:

If the IsSelected property of the NavigationFolder object is set to False, then this property value has no effect until the IsSelected property is set to True. If the IsSelected property is set to True, then the property value is applied when the NavigationFolder is displayed.

However, the IsSideBySide property is automatically set to True if the IsSelected property for only one NavigationFolder associated with the parent CalendarModule object is set to True. In other words, if the NavigationFolder object is the only navigation folder displayed in the current view of the active explorer, then the IsSideBySide property for that one NavigationFolder object is automatically set to True.