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Options.RevisedPropertiesColor Property (Word)

Returns or sets the color used to mark formatting changes while change tracking is enabled. Read/write WdColorIndex.

expression .RevisedPropertiesColor

expression Required. A variable that represents an Options collection.

If deleted or inserted text has formatting changes, the RevisedPropertiesColor property is overridden by the DeletedTextColor or InsertedTextColor property.

This example tracks changes in the active document, sets the color of text with changed formatting to teal, and applies bold formatting to the selection.

ActiveDocument.TrackRevisions = True 
Options.RevisedPropertiesColor = wdTeal 
Selection.Font.Bold = True

This example returns the option selected in the Color box under Track Changes options on the Track Changes tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu).

temp = Options.RevisedPropertiesColor
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