Range.ListHeaderRows Property (Excel)

Returns the number of header rows for the specified range. Read-only Long.

expression .ListHeaderRows

expression A variable that represents a Range object.

Before you use this property, use the CurrentRegion property to find the boundaries of the range.

This example sets the rTbl variable to the range represented by the current region for the active cell, not including any header rows.

Set rTbl = ActiveCell.CurrentRegion 
' remove the headers from the range 
iHdrRows = rTbl.ListHeaderRows 
If iHdrRows > 0 Then 
 ' resize the range minus n rows 
 Set rTbl = rTbl.Resize(rTbl.Rows.Count - iHdrRows) 
 ' and then move the resized range down to 
 ' get to the first non-header row 
 Set rTbl = rTbl.Offset(iHdrRows) 
End If