SlicerCache.SlicerItems Property (Excel)

Office 2013 and later

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Returns a SlicerItems collection that contains the collection of all items in the slicer cache. Read-only

expression .SlicerItems

expression A variable that represents a SlicerCache object.

Return Value


The SlicerItems property of the SlicerCache object is only applicable for slicers that are based on PivotTables based on workbook ranges or lists (SlicerCache.SourceType = xlDatabase), or for slicers that are based on PivotTables based on relational data sources (SlicerCache.SourceType = xlExternal and SlicerCache.OLAP = False). Attempting to access the SlicerItems property for slicers that are connected to an external OLAP data source (SlicerCache.OLAP = True) generates a run-time error. For OLAP data sources, use the SlicerItems property of the SlicerCacheLevel object instead.