Application.EnableCancelKey Property (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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Returns or sets the way that Word handles CTRL+BREAK user interruptions. Read/write WdEnableCancelKey.

expression .EnableCancelKey

expression Required. A variable that represents an Application object.

Use this property very carefully. If you use wdCancelDisabled, there is no way to interrupt a runaway loop or other non – self-terminating code. Also, the EnableCancelKey property is not reset to wdCancelInterrupt when your code stops running; unless you explicitly reset its value, it will remain set to wdCancelDisabled for the duration of the Word session.

This example disables CTRL+BREAK from interrupting a counter loop.

Dim intWait As Integer 
Application.EnableCancelKey = wdCancelDisabled 
For intWait = 1 To 10000 
 StatusBar = intWait 
Next intWait 
Application.EnableCancelKey = wdCancelInterrupt