This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CoAuthor Object (Word)

Represents a single co-author in the document. The CoAuthor object is a member of the CoAuthors collection. The CoAuthors collection contains all the co-authors in the document (authors that are actively editing the document).

Important note Important

Documents can only be co-authored on a server that supports the File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP protocol, such as Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Version Added: Word 2010

Use CoAuthors(Index), where Index is the index number to return a single CoAuthor object.

Note Note

When a new co-author begins to edit the document, it can take up to one minute or longer for the co-author to appear in the document.

The following code example returns the name of the first co-author in the active document.

Dim author As CoAuthor 
Set author = ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Authors(1) 
MsgBox "The name of the first co-author in this document is " & author.Name