Returning Text from a Document

Use the Text property to return text from a Range object or Selection object. The following example selects the next paragraph formatted with the Heading 1 style. The contents of the Text property are displayed by the MsgBox function.

Sub FindHeadingStyle() 
 With Selection.Find 
 .Style = wdStyleHeading1 
 .Execute FindText:="", Format:=True, _ 
 Forward:=True, Wrap:=wdFindStop 
 If .Found = True Then MsgBox Selection.Text 
 End With 
End Sub

The following instruction returns and displays the selected text.

Sub ShowSelection() 
 Dim strText As String 
 strText = Selection.Text 
 MsgBox strText 
End Sub

The following example returns the first word in the active document. Each item in the Words collection is a Range object that represents one word.

Sub ShowFirstWord() 
 Dim strFirstWord As String 
 strFirstWord = ActiveDocument.Words(1).Text 
 MsgBox strFirstWord 
End Sub

The following example returns the text associated with the first bookmark in the active document.

Sub ShowFirstBookmark() 
 Dim strBookmark As String 
 If ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count > 0 Then 
 strBookmark = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks(1).Range.Text 
 MsgBox strBookmark 
 End If 
End Sub