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Options.GridOriginHorizontal Property (Word)

Returns or sets the point, relative to the left edge of the page, where you want the invisible grid for drawing, moving, and resizing AutoShapes or East Asian characters to begin in new documents. Read/write Single.

expression .GridOriginHorizontal

expression A variable that represents an Options collection.

This example sets the horizontal and vertical point of origin for the grid, sets the horizontal and vertical distance between gridlines, and then enables the Snap objects to grid feature for a new document.

With Options 
 .GridOriginHorizontal = InchesToPoints(1) 
 .GridOriginVertical = InchesToPoints(2) 
 .GridDistanceHorizontal = InchesToPoints(0.1) 
 .GridDistanceVertical = InchesToPoints(0.1) 
 .SnapToGrid = True 
End With 
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