Document.GetLetterContent Method (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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Retrieves letter elements from the specified document and returns a LetterContent object.

expression .GetLetterContent

expression Required. A variable that represents a Document object.

Return Value


This example displays the salutation and recipient name from the letter in the active document.

MsgBox ActiveDocument.GetLetterContent.Salutation _ 
 & ActiveDocument.GetLetterContent.RecipientName

This example retrieves letter elements from the active document, changes the list of carbon copy (CC) recipients by setting the CClist property, and then uses the SetLetterContent method to update the active document to reflect the changes.

Set myLetterContent = ActiveDocument.GetLetterContent 
With myLetterContent 
 .CCList = "J. Burns, L. Scarpaczyk, K. Wong" 
 .RecipientName = "Amy Anderson" 
 .RecipientAddress = "123 Main" & vbCr & "Bellevue, WA 98004" 
 .LetterStyle = wdFullBlock 
End With 
ActiveDocument.SetLetterContent LetterContent:=myLetterContent