Shape.SetShapesDefaultProperties Method (Excel)

Office 2013 and later

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Makes the formatting of the specified shape the default formatting for the shape.

expression .SetShapesDefaultProperties

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.

This example adds a rectangle to myDocument, formats the rectangle's fill, sets the rectangle's formatting as the default shape formatting, and then adds another smaller rectangle to the document. The second rectangle has the same fill as the first one.

Set myDocument = Worksheets(1) 
With myDocument.Shapes 
 With .AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, 5, 5, 80, 60) 
 With .Fill 
 .ForeColor.RGB = RGB(0, 0, 255) 
 .BackColor.RGB = RGB(0, 204, 255) 
 .Patterned msoPatternHorizontalBrick 
 End With 
 ' Set formatting as default formatting 
 End With 
 ' Create new shape with default formatting 
 .AddShape msoShapeRectangle, 90, 90, 40, 30 
End With


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