PivotTable.PivotSelectionStandard Property (Excel)

Returns or sets a String indicating the PivotTable selection in standard PivotTable report format using English (United States) settings. Read/write.

expression .PivotSelectionStandard

expression A variable that represents a PivotTable object.

The PivotSelectionStandard property is "international-friendly" whereas the PivotSelection method is not.

This example selects a field titled "1.57" in the PivotTable and inserts a blank column field before it. The example assumes a PivotTable exists on the active worksheet that contains a column field titled "1.57".

Sub CheckPivotSelectionStandard() 
 Dim pvtTable As PivotTable 
 Set pvtTable = ActiveSheet.PivotTables(1) 
 pvtTable.PivotSelectionStandard = "1.57" 
End Sub