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Shape.AddHyperlink Method (Visio)

Office 2013 and later

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Adds a Hyperlink object to a Microsoft Visio shape.

expression .AddHyperlink

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.

Return Value


Using the AddHyperlink method is equivalent to adding a hyperlink to a shape by clicking Hyperlink on the Insert tab.

If a Hyperlink object already exists for the shape, the method returns a reference to the existing Hyperlink object.

This example shows how to use the AddHyperlink method to add a hyperlink to a shape. It also shows how to trap errors that arise when you try to access nonexistent hyperlinks. It first attempts to access a hyperlink that does not exist, thereby throwing an error. Then it adds the hyperlink, and when it attempts to access the hyperlink a second time, no error is thrown. Before running this example, replace address with a valid Internet or intranet address.

Sub AddHyperlink_Example() 
 Dim vsoShape As Visio.Shape 
 Dim vsoHyperlink As Visio.Hyperlink 
 Dim blsCaught As Boolean 
 'Draw a rectangle shape on the active page. 
 Set vsoShape = ActivePage.DrawRectangle(1, 2, 2, 1) 
 'A shape that has no hyperlink should raise an exception 
 'when the Hyperlink property is accessed. 
 On Error GoTo lblCatch 
 blsCaught = False 
 Set vsoHyperlink = vsoShape.Hyperlink 
 If Not blsCaught Then 
 Debug.Print "ERROR - Hyperlink didn't throw an exception!" 
 End If 
 'Add a hyperlink to a shape. 
 Set vsoHyperlink = vsoShape.AddHyperlink 
 'Return an absolute address. 
 vsoHyperlink.Address = "address" 
 Exit Sub 
 Debug.Print "Error was thrown : " & Err.Description 
 blsCaught = True 
 Resume Next 
End Sub 

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