Flags Cell (Paragraph Section)

Office 2013 and later

Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: Office 2013 | Visio 2013

Indicates whether the text direction is left to right or right to left.




The text direction is left to right (the default).


The text direction is right to left.

The value in this cell corresponds to the Direction setting on the Paragraph tab in the Text dialog box (on the Home tab, click the Font arrow), which appears only if a language that uses complex scripts text has been added in the Microsoft Office Language Preferences dialog box. (Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office, click Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Office Language Preferences.)

To get a reference to the Flags cell by name from another formula, or from a program using the CellsU property, use:

Cell name:

Para.Flags[i] where i = <1>, 2, 3...

To get a reference to the Flags cell by index from a program, use the CellsSRC property with the following arguments:

Section index:


Row index:

visRowParagraph + i where i = 0, 1, 2...

Cell index: