This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Document.BottomMargin Property (Visio)

Specifies the bottom margin when printing the pages in a document. Read/write.

Version Added: Visio 4.0

expression .BottomMargin(UnitsNameOrCode)

expression A variable that represents a Document object.




Data Type





he units to use when retrieving or setting the margin value. Defaults to internal drawing units.

Return Value


The value of this property corresponds to the value entered in the Bottom box in the Print Setup dialog box (on the Design tab, click the Page Setup arrow, and then click Setup on the Print Setup tab).

You can specify UnitsNameOrCode as an integer or a string value. If the string is invalid, an error is generated. For example, the following statements all set UnitsNameOrCode to inches.

ActiveDocument.BottomMargin(visInches) = newValue

ActiveDocument.BottomMargin (65) = newValue

ActiveDocument.BottomMargin ("in") = newValue where "in" can also be any of the alternate strings representing inches, such as "inch", "in.", or "i".

For a complete list of valid unit strings along with corresponding Automation constants (integer values), see About Units of Measure.

Automation constants for representing units are declared by the Microsoft Visio type library in member VisUnitCodes.