RasterExportFlip Property

Determines the flip that is applied to the exported image when you call the Export method of the Master, Page, Selection, or Shape object to export the specified object to a BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF file. Read/write.

Version Added: Visio 2010

expression .RasterExportFlip

expression An expression that returns an ApplicationSettings object.

Return Value

The value of the RasterExportFlip property must be either visRasterNoFlip or some combination (one, the other, or the sum of both) of the remaining two of the following VisRasterExportFlip constants.






No flip, the default.



Flip horizontally.



Flip vertically.

For any given session of Microsoft Visio, when the RasterExportFlip property value is set, either programmatically or in the user interface, the setting then becomes the new default for the remainder of the session. However, it is not persisted to the next session.

The setting of the RasterExportFlip property corresponds to the flip selected in the BMP Output Options, GIF Output Options, JPG Output Options, PNG Output Options, or TIFF Output Options dialog box. (Click the File tab, click Save As, in the Save as type list, select Windows Bitmap (*.bmp; *.dib), Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif), JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg), Portable Network Graphics (*.png), or Tag Image File Format (*.tif), and then click Save.)